GIA Diamond Grading Certificate

GIA is the world’s foremost authority in diamond grading. Every Peonia Diamond comes with a GIA Certificate. The unique GIA number, as well as the words, ‘Peonia 88 cut’are engraved on the girdle of the diamond.

For further information about GIA, visit www.gia.edu

GemEx Light Performance Certificate

GemEx is the global leader in brilliance, sparkle and fire certification. Peonia 88 Cut is proven, through this certificate, to make the Peonia Diamond more brilliant than the average diamond.

To see your diamond’s details online, please visit www.gemex.com

The Peonia Diamond Certificate

The Peonia Diamond’s unique beauty and brilliance are visible to the naked eye. However, for extra assurance, a Peonia Diamond Certificate accompanies every Peonia Diamond. This certificate is proof of the authenticity, quality, and high standards of craftsmanship of the Peonia Diamond.