The Peonia 88 Cut design of the Peonia Diamond is technically superior to a conventional diamond. The unique design took master artisans many years to perfect, focusing on each and every technical aspect and the precise arrangement of of facets.Cutting and polishing 88 facets to perfection require many, many hours by skilled craftsmen who expertly and painstakingly create the beautiful and brilliant Peonia Diamond.

Skilled Craftsmen

Peonia Diamond is the result of superior craftsmanship. Craftsmen are required to receive at least 1.5 years of training, whereas conventional round diamondcutters only need 2 months. The difference is visible.

Quality Takes
Extra Time

The ingenious Peonia 88 Cut reflects distinctive craftsmanship and attention to detail by the diamond artisans. Each Peonia Diamond takes five times longer to handcraft than conventional round diamonds. The extra time needed is worth the wait.

Leo Schachter Diamonds Four Generations. One Passion.

Leo Schachter Diamonds is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of polished diamonds, crafting diamonds in major diamond centres around the world. The company’s passion for diamonds was and continues to drive the business through four generations. The company is renowned for working with like-minded passionate retailers to create unique and distinctive diamond brands. That passion once again shines through, brilliantly, with the Peonia Diamond.

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