Peonia 88 Cut

Brilliant and Beautiful

Designing a diamond that reveals a pattern deep within, without affecting light return, is a very difficult technical task. A conventional round brilliant diamond with 57 facets does not feature a special pattern. The Peonia 88 Cut design, however, not only dazzles with sparkling light, but also offers something very special. When viewed through a diamond scope, the delicate petals of the peony can be seen radiating from the diamond’s center; whilst the pavilion, or bottom view, shows a vivid floral burst.

Incredible Light Performance

The patented Peonia 88 cut design not only reveals a peony flower pattern, but also results in a sparkle that exceeds regular diamonds. Conventional brilliant cut diamonds have varying light performance, and many special cut diamonds sacrifice light performance for the extra facets. However, the patented precision angles and proportions of the Peonia 88 Cut bring maximum symmetry to the diamond, resulting in a glorious dispersion of light.